Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Become As Children

My son use to get scared when I would throw him in the air so I would tell him, “Don’t be scared daddy won’ let you fall, daddy got you”. After some time of hearing these words and realizing the truth about them he wasn’t scared anymore. In fact he would say these exact words while smiling, “Daddy won’t let chu fall, Daddy got you”. The first time he repeated these words I had to catch a tear because I immediately thought about the word of God.

We are all God’s children making him our Heavenly Father, the author and finisher of our faith. He wants us all to know this, “Don’t be scared, Daddy won’t let you fall. Daddy Got You”. The difference between us and the innocence of a child is that children have BLIND faith. They trust in you without being able to see. In fact Jesus tells us in Matthew 18:3, “Truly I say to you, Except you be converted, and become as little children, you shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven”. This is the faith we must have in our Heavenly Father. Although we go through tough situations and can’t see our way out remember “Don’t be scared Daddy (JESUS) Got you, Daddy won’t let you fall”.

Friday, December 4, 2009

The Conspiracy of Silence? (MUST READ)

A conspiracy of silence is an agreement not to say anything about something that is generally known. Usually a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful.

So you might be asking “why does this matter”. Good question here’s the answer.

It matters because knowing the truth can make you look crazy. In fact in most cases that’s what the people conspiring against you want you to do: look crazy, go crazy, leave the situation alone anything to keep you in the dark-

The film Changling is a prime EXAMPLE of this. It's about a woman who is handed a son that is not hers. When she realizes this she brings up a case against the LAPD about there corruption. The LAPD tries to get the mother to believe that the boy they handed her is Walter (her son) either making the LAPD look crazy or Angelie Jolie look crazy. CONSPIRACY OF SILENCE at it’s best.

The LAPD agreed to keep silent about the child mix up because of the bad rep that it would give the cops. Instead they made the world believe that the mother didn’t know her own SON by just keeping silent about the truth that is known between the LAPD, ChILD, and the Mother.

What are the dangers less often spoke about while concerning a conspiracy of silence?

The way a conspiracy of silence works is: the people keeping quiet are the ones who are hoping that you go crazy before digging up the truth. Either you go crazy, believe in the lie, or just give up searching for the truth. The mother believed in truth-

Although she believed in truth she can now begin to question her sanity because the world believes it’s her son. What keeps her from going insane are these cold hard facts: Cold hard facts that one is blessed to get in a situation like this-

1) her son measured around 4’11 and her new child measured at 4’9 (who gets shorter)?
2) Her fake child didn’t know where to sit in class and didn’t know any of the friends.
3) The dental make up of her fake son was different than her real son.

Even with these hardcore facts both the NYPD and her FAKE son continued to keep silent about the truth of her REAL son Walter. Instead made up stories as to why her son got shorter and couldn’t remember who his friends were and where to sit in class. They even went as far as bringing a doctor in on the LIE all to keep her quiet and make her believe something that isn’t true.

She knows that this boy isn’t her real son, Her fake son knows this isn’t his real mother, and the LAPD knows that it isn’t her real son as well so why can’t they just come out with the truth? Because they have a secret and hidden agenda which results in Angelie Jolie ending up in the crazy house. The same place they put the rest of the people who knew to much about a situation, she was becoming a problem that they didn’t think she would become.

When you fight against a conspiracy of silence someone or some people have a hidden agenda. Put your trust and faith in God because you see the story Man will lead you astray-

Moral of the story- “Let GOD be true and Everyman a Liar” Romans 3:4

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sex Sells Don't Be a Sell OUT-

Wake up Body of Christ. (including myself). I am not perfect I am a sinner like everyone who reads this blog. As believers we may not be where God has called us to be, but we're not where we use to be Praise God. With that said lets jump into todays topic: "Sex Sells: Don't Be a Sell Out"

Nobody is new to the term "sex sells". The Mass Media is good at selling sex. Everything from Internet Porn to Music Videos. Porn is a little to explicit for what I want to speak with you all about so I'm going to talk about Widely accepted Music Videos on Television.

Lady Gaga and Beyonce have a new song and video out titled "Video Phone". I understand artistic expression and I don't want to fault or condemn either of these two beautiful women for there performance, but rather speak to the Body of Christ about the strong hold that satan has over the media and the audience. #1 sex sells so as an entertainer if your not being sexual or attractive YOU AINT SELLING (for the most part).

So where does that put us God's children.(The audience/viewers/consumers)

If you've seen the video like I have and watched it completely through then somewhere in your heart you lusted. Maybe not it might've just been me. I had to repent after watching this video then God helped me to realize something, it's not just this video it's all over the media. Satan has found away to get God's followers to disobey God and think it's alright. News Flash if your lusting after any of these women ITS NOT ALRIGHT umm it's actually ADULTERY. Don't take my word on it lets ask God.

Matt 5:28 whoever looks upon a woman to lust after her has already committed adultery with her in his heart.
1Cor 6;18 which says flee from sexual immorality

What does this all mean? Do your best to please God. If it means turning off your favorite performer because you once dealt with someone who did the same body movements ect to turn you on and cause you to lust for her...DO IT! The most relationship ever is the relationship with God not the relationship with your BF/GF that you may or may not be cheating on, but thats for another topic ;)

Monday, November 30, 2009

The LORD Woke Me UP!

I have a lot to be thankful for on thanksgiving and even more to be thankful for this day. It is now 3:35 as I sit here in the basement of the lecture hall capturing the holiday footage and writing this blog. Before I continue let me just say it is by the Grace of God that I am here today and because of that I would like to you why.

This Thanksgiving was everything, but a break for me. Matter of fact schools shouldn't even call this holiday a Break unless they mean it literally because between Gas, School Work, my son, dealing with his mother, and having extra energy for my 2 nieces and nephew I WAS BROKE lol. Anyway Sunday comes and my sister convinces me that I'm to tired to hit the road not only that since I would be traveling back to Binghamton from the glorious New York City by myself this time around I should wait until other people are on the road so if I get lost I could ask for directions.

Although I listened to my intelligent sister I still managed to get lost Monday morning. It usually takes 3 hours to get to Binghamton I left at 8:15 in hopes to get to school in time for my first class at 12:00 p.m. Everything was going good until I reached some bridge then the directions I had in my hand got fussy. Missed a couple of exits and entered a couple of dead ends before I decided to ask someone other than GOD what was going on.

Many of times on my trip back I was led down blocks and billboards in where the Lord reminded me that his grace was upon me this day and although I was lost I felt comforted. God directed me to the right people in order to get me on the right path the only problem now was the time. It became 12:33 out of nowhere and fatigue started to kick in. My car only plays tapes so I borrowed many tapes from my sister about 30 before I left and played only 3 the whole trip. R&B and one Gospel tape was to my disposal. I felt myself getting tired so I pulled over to the side of the road and did what any normal thinking person would do...FELL ASLEEP.

1/2 an hour later I wake up to a call from my sons mother The call didn't go well, but I still had my Joy-
Back to the road. As I start to drive down 7W I see a sign that reads "Binghamton 87 miles". I gasped, but to my surprise or maybe not it came out as a YAWnnnn. I start blinking first for short periods of time then for loooooooooonger periods of time to the point where I was blacking out. I knew this wasn't safe, but I convinced myself to continue to drive (dumb Idea)! I doze off for 5 seconds and begin to drift off to the right. The off-road bumps help me to sleep until I wake up right before I'm about to hit the edge of the steel rail bar on the highway. PHEW. I start thanking the Lord. That could've been the end of my life, But it doesn't end there.

God was persistent in getting his point across. Not only in showing me it is by his Grace that I missed the steel rail bar, but that doing what I know is wrong...Is well WRONG. The next time I decide to doze off which is minutes after I wake up to me hitting over Orange cones about as tall as my car. I knock over 3 of them and this time Thank the LORD for WAKING ME UP!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

You Can Leave Your Earthly Present State

"You can leave your Earthly present State and be ushered into a spiritual place never to return back to the same place again"- Junita Bynum

Through the power of God I have been allowed to have undeniable experiences in where my spirit man wasn’t with me. Think of spiritual places like the world. The world is divided from continents to countries, states, cities ect. Now think about the human mind on these same accords because “the mind is the battle field”, where the mind goes the spirit follows. This means the mind and spirit are one. Let’s say your mind lives in America and all the people you know live in America to. So we have all the spirits in America. Now let’s say for instance someone lived in America who could manipulate the mind ie manipulate the spirit because remember they’re connected. Let’s call this type of individual (Shifter). You might be asking yourself how is this possible, well there’s all sorts of ways witchcraft, voodoo, hypnotism, magic ect.

Let’s say ‘Shifter’ who lives in America has been to Hawaii before and knows how to get to Hawaii. Knowing how to get to Hawaii that’s cake now how about if ‘Shifter’ knew how to get other minds to Hawaii? Dangerous wouldn’t you agree, especially if ‘Shifter’ was one of those people to use others to his advantage. I’m sure you can think of dangerous qualities and personalities ‘Shifter’ can have. Because you know like I’ve experienced that ‘Shifter’ can get you’re mind to Hawaii and leave it there. Imagine you and ‘Shifter’ walking on the island together and when you ask ‘Shifter’ about a palm tree or the coconut you all ate together he denies it. Hmm think about that for a second. An island you never been on and never wanted to come to in the forst place and the only person you know ‘Shifter’ is denying having ever been there with you. What does this all mean other than “Trust God and not man”? It means you can go CRAZY. Crazy house crazy, shock treatment, vegetable the whole nine. Possible or impossible? I’m here to let you know it’s very possible which is why I’m able to speak to you about it today. Jigga man once said an important line “You can’t talk about it if you ain’t live it”. I come to you today with the confidence of having lived it by the Grace of God-

At the beginning I explained that I would only come to this spiritual place when I smoked marijuana/weed, which is a drug. Interesting. God say’s in his word to be of a SOBER mind. God just doesn’t speak to speak he speaks with not only a purpose and authority, but as a Father! Parents preferably Fathers out there. When you tell you’re sons and daughters not to drink or smoke why are you doing this? Is it not because you know the dangers of such? If you’re human you’ve had you’re share of experiences with such drugs enough to know you don’t want you’re offspring to get involved. You all may not have the same experiences, but BAD experiences are inevitable. Is not GOD our FATHER the same way? minus having the experience part (lol).

To be Continued-

P.S- If you never come to this blog again Jesus is Savior. Trust in God not man. Stay sober the way you’re Father say’s to. There’s “shifters’ in the world and not being sober makes you easy prey so Obey God today-

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Condemnation or Love?

We as believers need to be more loving and caring as God is with us. It’s easy to tell someone about Gods wrath, but how about talking about God’s mercy his love and his grace. You see it everywhere “Turn from your sin or you’re going to hell”. The truth of the matter is the way we judge others is the way that we will be judged. We are not to go to everyone with the Word, but instead live out there Word. At all times do preach the Word if God puts it on your heart to do so, but don’t judge a man who doesn’t know about God and his word the same as you would judge a Christian. Christians are held to a different standard then the rest of the World although we all are human. I say this because we have knowledge and experience of God’s grace, mercy, and love. We know that if it wasn’t for the love of Jesus we wouldn’t be alive. Some of us would still be pimps, hoes, murders, ect. What are we then to do condemn the Pimps Hoes and murders of our time? Did God condemn us while we were some of those things? Did he send us to hell or did he save us? And so the scripture is fulfilled. 1 John 4:19 “We love, because he first loved us”. God didn’t just save you to save you, he didn’t just bring you through what he brought you through so you can brag. He did it because he has an expectation over your life. He also knows that him showing his love and mercy on you will win him souls because there’s other people out there like you who needs to know about God’s love. And who better to not only tell it, but more importantly show.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Jesus Can't Save You? Life Starts When the Church Ends?

There has been a lot of controversy with the rapper by the name of Jay-Z. Some call him the Jigga Man and even Sean Carter, but He would like to refer to himself as "Hova"- Sound familiar? Let me just begin by saying this blog isn't about bashing his name, but simply pointing out some things I don't like about his lyrics on "Empire State of Mind" the track with Alicia Keys.

Since Jay-Z is my favorite rapper I know a lot about his lyrics and how in depth they go, but can we say "TOO FAR" on this track? I'll be playing the devils advocate, but I would like to know what you think.

“Hail Mary to the city you’re a virgin and Jesus can’t save you life starts when the church end”.

The Youth pastor: http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshhnPzf17i6XTWDJDAj

goes in on this part of the verse which is expected, but it is to my belief he’s taking the verse "WAY" to Literal. He was on point with his statement until I heard him say- “According to Jay-Z life starts when the church ends so all the big churches you might as well shut it down because life can’t begin until the church ends”. WHAT?? I ride for Christ 110%, but being a fan of rap I also know the language. Metaphors and context make a big difference.

Before this particular verse he's speaking about certain females who are attracted to the lime light, ballers , rappers ect. "A city of sin it's a pity on the whim"..."Don't bite the apple Eve". What he's saying in these verses are actually true. Now fast forward to the "Jesus can't save you". NOW for everyone who thinks I'm agreeing with this statement let me tell you no I'm not- "JESUS can SAVE YOU" The story about Jesus and the Prostitute Luke 7:36 to 7:50. She got saved and there's tons of other testimonies- Like mine for example.

In context of the lyrics Jigga could've meant by the "Life starts when the church ends" verse is, for a lot of people deeply involved in the drug game, prostituting,ect after church it's back to the same lifestyle in a lot of cases. But in a lot of cases That's NOT the case. Jesus shows himself mighty to the broken hearted and those who have given up hope. Just because one goes to church and hears the word of God doesn't mean Jesus isn't working with them because the SEED has been planted. Once the seed has been planted God grows the seed- He is the director of all steps!

So IN CONCLUSION Even if the Jigga Man meant this he is STILL WRONG- He’s wrong because Jesus “CAN SAVE YOU”. And saying these lines LIE about GOD. If Jesus can't save you who can? He's Blatantly denying the fact that Jesus is the one who led them to church in the first place and what God starts as Alpha he finished as Omega. Case Closed.

Moral of the story- Jigga Man "Jesus Can Save You"

Sunday, November 22, 2009

God Directs all Steps

"You say I can't make it God say's "You can". You say My problems are to much for me, God say's "I never put more on you than you can bare". You say when is it going to stop "God say's When you turn to me". You say everybody turned there back on me, God say's "I never turned my back on you"-

When I first wrote this message on face book I thought it was for anybody, but me. God ad put it on my heart to say these exact words at this exact time and it wasn't until the next day I would need these encouraging words more than ever. Well not more than ever, lets just say they came at the right time.

A month earlier-

Me: I can't believe it. I have the money to pay my HSBC account and when I get there they tell me it's been closed. Wow. it's alright though because I know all things work out for good for those who love God. So can I reopen it? No? Are you serious? Only because I was over drawn 81 dollars for a couple of weeks or months, there has to be something you can do I was making payments. Nothing you can do? Okay so can I pay my HSBC credit card here I owe 887.00.

HSBC: Yes you can do that here let me pull up your account information.

Me: I forgot to mention I owed about 1300 but the 887.00 is the settlement price just in case that's the price that comes up.

HSBC: It's best you don't pay through the bank because they might take the whole thing. It's a complicated situation it's best if you pay by phone-

About 3 days later I open up an account with Citizens Bank. 2 days after that I call HSBC credit card to pay the debt off .

Phone: Raymond Moore you owe a balance of 421.00

Me: What? Something must be wrong I didn't pay anything.

Representative: Hello, this conversation is to collect a debt...How may I help you.

Me: (confused, but Confident) It say's I owe 421, but how is that possible if the account closed at 887?

Representative: Yes, it say's here Raymond that you made a payment of 887.00 and the remaining balance will clear after 4 months...

Me: (Still confused) Real quick, could you tell me how i made the payment please.

Representative: Yes sir let me check ... You made it by phone...

After i hung up the phone and right before I began to rejoice I turned around and saw something special. "With God all things are possible". I started to praise God because he just cleared my debt- Or did he? I still got letters from the bank, but I paid no attention to them because the Representative told me it would take 4 months before it's cleared. Beside Jesus Had my back.

1 month Later-

I call HSBC because when I logged into my easy view account to pay capital one I see my balance sky rocketed. I get a little nervous, but I don't worry. I call and find out my HSBC account has went from 443-0 all the way up to 1536 and rising. I can't believe it. All this time I thought God had me I thought God put it on somebody's heart to pay the credit card and it was false. Why didn't God let me know it wasn't him who worked this miracle? Come to find out when we made the settlement they took the funds from my CLOSED HSBC account and then the check bounced. The pay by phone is when we set up a date to pay it before I knew my bank closed on me.

But in the midst of it all God came through and brought to remembrance what he inspired me to write in the first place which is the first words you read in this blog. God is Good. I will seek him and put my trust in him and I suggest you all do the same. Good night brothers and sisters.